TYC Fishing Rodeo

Wish to Fish Louisiana was organized with a goal to get kids of the streets, out of the house, away from the TV and video games and in to the great outdoors.

It is easy for us to SAY take your child fishing, however, due to lack of equipment and other essentials needed for a day on the water not everyone has the ability to just pack up and take their kids fishing. Therefore, some children may not get the chance to experience a fishing in Sportsman’s Paradise. Wish to Fish offers that chance with emphasis on the importance of conservation and exploration.

TYC Summer Sailing Program

Parents- This summer, get your kids away from the Nintendo and the iPad. They can be outdoors with other kids learning a lifelong skill and a fun, non-impact sport that promotes both teamwork and self-reliance. Girls participate on an equal footing with boys. See the smiles on their faces when they learn they can control a boat by themselves using only the wind and see the boost in their self confidence that extends in to all areas of their life, including school.

Kids- Come get out on the water, splash around, make new friends and learn something really different and have FUN doing it! It’s not hard. Any kid that wants to can learn. By the end of the session, you can be sailing your own boat, playing water tag with other kids. Bigger kids can learn how to race (it’s an Olympic event!). No previous boating experience is necessary. Age limits are generally from 7 to 15. Kids should be in reasonable physical condition (a medical release form is necessary), be comfortable in and around the water and know how to swim. They should provide their own life jacket, to be sure it fits well. The club provides the boats and other gear.

Download a printable copy of the registration form & rules.